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COFE App is an online coffee-centric marketplace conceptualized in Kuwait and developed in Silicon Valley, USA.

We are a state-of-the-art application that runs on love, lots of COFE, and provides quick access to a wide range of international coffee franchises and artisanal coffee brands through multiple premium services and features on one platform.

The COFE App sensation was founded by Ali Al-Ebrahim back in 2017 and was officially launched in Kuwait 2018. Our journey grew stronger and wider, with more countries and coffee industries to take over. We currently operate in multiple countries including KSA, UAE, UK and very soon across more regional and international countries.


We are high on COFE with no time to snooze, as we strive to conquer the coffee industry country by country and bean by bean, to unite all COFE lovers around the world. COFE is more than just a beverage or an application, it is a community we seek to aspire, create and develop with a team of multinational and multicultural coffee enthusiasts, fueled by coffee and driven by passion.

We highly invest in developing a seamless user experience that fulfils all your coffee needs at any given moment. Our top-notch services and features are precisely designed to perfect your day by making coffee ordering fast and efficient at all times. With our help your daily coffee is made easier to access with an experience worth living and repeating.

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