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March 16, 2022
Press Release

COFE APP acquires Saudi based online coffee ordering platform “Kaffeen”

COFE App, the online coffee marketplace recently announced the acquisition of Kaffeen (Bean Creator IT), a popular online coffee ordering platform from KSA. Founded in 2018, by brothers, Hassan & Hashem Aljawad. Kaffeen has focused on easing the ordering and payment process for in-store customers, enabling them to shorten the distance between them and their daily cuppa through counter pickup services. Much like COFE’s own ethos that believes in helping people spend more time with their coffee instead of waiting for it, Kaffeen since its inception has succeeded in creating a loyal fan-following amongst coffee-lovers in the Kingdom.


Coming hot on the heels of the Sippy acquisition in January this year, the acquisition of Kaffeen is a result of an extensive study of the e-commerce market, its direction, and the impact of the pandemic on consumer behavior. With Convenience through e-commerce being one of the top trends to come out of the pandemic, according to KPMG’s Coffee in 2021 report ‘Prepare for Takeoff’ – consumers appreciate the need for convenience given health concerns and social distancing standards, which while laxed as we move into a post-COVID world are lasting trends in consumer evolution.


“For COFE we have always sought to create a collaborative ecosystem and our acquisition of Kaffeen is yet another step in that direction. We want to work with people who have the vision to change the way people access their coffee worldwide, and that passion is very strong with Kaffeen co-founders Hassan & Hashem Aljawad. With Kaffeen’s market expertise and experience onboard, we are sure to reach out to even more coffee lovers across KSA and beyond,” said COFE App Founder & CEO, Ali Al Ebrahim.


With pickup already being a key element in the bouquet of services COFE offers, since its very inception, it was only natural for the brand to combine forces with Kaffeen, reaching out to an even larger audience base, especially those across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The acquisition will further facilitate COFE’s ambitious growth strategy, as the startup continues to expand its presence in the region.


Commenting on the acquisition, Kaffeen Co-Founder, Hassan Aljawad said, “We had launched Kaffeen with a mission to disrupt the online coffee market, and joining hands with COFE, I believe is the logical next step when it comes to bringing our mission to fruition. We are extremely excited about this acquisition and look forward to seeing us grow from strength to strength together.”


The acquisition of Kaffeen and Sippy Beans in the first quarter of 2022 are strong indicators that COFE is looking to strengthen its reach within the region, before proceeding to expand first to Egypt and then overseas later this year.

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