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December 11, 2023
Press Release

COFE App gets ready to brew up Al Hamra COFE Festival, the largest coffee event in Kuwait

COFE App, the region’s premier online coffee marketplace, announced the commemoration of its fifth anniversary through the much-anticipated Al Hamra COFE Festival. The festival will feature workshops, courses, panel discussions, and the Latte Art 2024 Championship—paving the way to unite coffee lovers from all across the region, in the midst of a vibrant convergence of coffee culture, traditions, and innovation. The grand event, which is set to take place from 14 to 16 December at Al Hamra Shopping Center in Kuwait City, is going to be a caffeine-fueled celebration, demonstrating COFE’s dedication to cultivating a vibrant coffee community.

COFE is set to further boost coffee enthusiasts’ skills with Brewever Academy’s workshop and courses during the festival, which provides practical training. The diploma course provides participants with an exclusive chance to earn accreditation through the Latte Art Grading System and compete for the renowned 2024 Latte Art Championship. The thrilling competition, which is slated for the festival’s last day, has a major prize—the opportunity to represent Kuwait on the world stage in the World Championships in Dubai and Italy in 2024. In addition to hands-on learning, the festival promises fascinating panel discussions, which will enhance the experience for both coffee enthusiasts and professionals.

Commenting on the Al Hamra Festival, COFE’s Founder and CEO, Ali Al Ebrahim, stated “COFE has been at the forefront of transforming the coffee industry for the past half-decade, integrating the newest trends and technological advancements. The optimism for the future, which transcends months and years, is clear, promising not just great advances for the business but also for the sector as a whole. As the Al Hamra Festival highlights, COFE remains committed to uniting coffee fans throughout the world and building a global coffee community.”

The event is divided into five unique domains, beginning with the COFE District, a center where participants may use the COFE App to explore a myriad of local and worldwide coffee companies. Coffee home-brewers can check out coffee beans, equipment, and accessories in the COFE Market. The COFE Talks will dive into the growth of the coffee ecosystem and reveal the secrets behind the success of local businesses. The COFE Carnival, which is open to all ages, features interactive activities that put players’ coffee knowledge to the test as well as augmented reality experiences. Finally, the Latte Art Championship takes center stage, showing coffee creativity at its height.

Commenting on the event, COFE’s Country Manager for Kuwait, Bashayer Al Zayed, stated: As a founding member of COFE, I’ve seen the platform develop exponentially. This event demonstrates our ongoing dedication to revolutionizing coffee ordering by emphasizing speed and efficiency. It’s a tribute to COFE’s ongoing evolution, demonstrating our commitment to improving the coffee experience for users and pushing the industry’s convenience boundaries.

Commenting on Al Hamra’s role, Al Hamra Real Estates Acting General Manager and Chief Administrative Officer, Abrar Al Habib, said: “At Al Hamra, we strongly believe in driving forward a legacy of premium experiences that resonate with our visitors and clients, while bringing this iconic development to life. Hosting the Al Hamra COFE Festival paves the way for operational excellence and the aroma of success to come together, further reinforcing our vision to offer an everyday of premium living.”

Located at the heart of Kuwait City, Al Hamra is one of the region’s most prestigious real estate projects, featuring the iconic Business Tower and Shopping Center. The development, which was recently awarded three ISO certifications, operates in line with the best international standards, with the intent of creating a long lasting impact on the communities in which it operates. 

After displaying success as a facilitator for coffee ordering, rewards, and subscriptions, COFE is now at an essential stage, transitioning to build out a more robust platform for coffee vendors and suppliers, offering end-to-end B2B services as well, connecting cafes directly to farmers, and ultimately influencing the supply chain ecosystem. COFE is expanding not only to meet the growing needs of the Middle Eastern coffee industry and beyond but also to act as a worldwide platform that encourages collaboration and innovation.

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