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November 1, 2022
Press Release

Talk to your COFE with Amazon Alexa!

COFE, the online coffee-centric marketplace platform, is now providing users in KSA and UAE a seamless innovative experience by rolling out access to its skills in both Arabic and English through its collaboration with Alexa, Amazon’s voice AI and the brain that powers the Echo device family.

In a bid to elevate COFE lovers’ experience, customers can now use their voice to order and track their coffee by speaking commands through their Echo devices. This will enable our customers to use their voices to easily engage with COFE services wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. Customers simply need to connect their COFE accounts to their Echo devices and start the conversation by saying “Alexa, open COFE App”. 

“At COFE we have two passions – coffee and technology, and it has been our continued effort to drive both of them forward,” said COFE App Founder & CEO, Ali Al Ebrahim. “Since the very beginning we have worked to enhance our user experience in a way that is not only delightful but also firmly rooted in functionality. The occasion calls for a special shout out to our tech and products teams, who are constantly working to innovate. It is both a pleasure and an honor to work alongside such passionate individuals,” he added. 

Dr. Raf Fatani, Amazon – Regional General Manager, Alexa, MENA, said: “Amazon is delighted to offer our regional customers another skill to make their lives easier, more productive and fun. Teaming up with COFE is our latest customer-centric offering, so that coffee lovers can order and track their coffee using voice commands on Alexa devices. We will continue to explore collaborations with regional brands and expand Alexa’s Arabic speaking skills across new verticals.

Working together with the Amazon Alexa team to launch this innovative new functionality has been fantastic. Working with a team that is as dedicated to improving the user experience as we are is always rewarding. We wish the new skill for COFE users would be as enjoyable to use as it was to create,” said Iyad Mallouh, Director of Product Management at COFE. 

In the past few months, as COFE App has launched a number of new features both for their users as well as vendors, with a focus on convenience, functionality and speed. Some of the features include COFElytics – an in-platform analytics and promotion tool for vendors (B2B). Within the B2C segment they have also launched voice command ordering (Siri & Amazon Alexa), and the “I am here” button that allows users to alert the barista when they arrive at the store. 

Reiterating COFE’s commitment to innovate, CTO Shahood Siddiqui added, “Challenging the norm is how we work. We take any day-to-day experience and add a layer of technology to make things easier for our users, and the Amazon Alexa capability does just that, brings COFE lovers even closer to their daily coffee.”

With a brand new COFE Store (e-commerce) offering and a host of B2B capabilities slated for release in the coming months, COFE is on its way to leading the digital revolution for the coffee industry both within the region and internationally. 

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