Gift Cards

There is no better gift than the gift of COFE.

A Gift card for every occasion.

How It Works?

Surprise your loved ones with one of our customized gift cards, designed specifically for your celebrations.

Sending Gift Cards

Select one of our designed gift cards and send them to family or friends. Fill up the required gift card details and share it via email or messages.

Redeeming Gift Cards

When you receive a gift card from your loved ones via email or messages, all you have to do is click on the shared link and your gift card will be redeemed in your account.

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Share and Earn

Earn unlimited credits by sharing COFE App with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the gift card?

After receiving and redeeming a gift card in your account, it will automatically appear as one of the payment methods, when paying for your order on COFE App.

Where can I use the gift cards?

Gift cards can be used on all orders placed on COFE App, except for orders placed in COFE Store.

Can gift cards be used on all coffee shops?

There are two types of gift cards, generic gift cards and brand specific gift cards. The generic gift cards can be used across all available coffee shops, as for the brand specific gift cards they can only be used on the mentioned brand.

Can redeemed gift cards be sent or transferred to other COFE accounts?

Gift cards can be used on all orders placed on COFE App, except for orders placed in COFE Store.

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