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December 20, 2022
Press Release

COFE App signs agreement with Saudi Coffee Company to become their premium online coffee marketplace

COFE App, the premier online coffee marketplace recently announced the signing of an agreement with the Saudi Coffee Company (SCC). As per the agreement, COFE App will be the premium online partner for SCC supporting them in amplifying their reach to coffee lovers in the Kingdom and beyond. This strategic partnership between COFE and SCC is aimed at propelling the Saudi coffee industry into the digital era, consequently empowering local producers to connect with end users with greater ease and convenience. 

The partnership between COFE App and SCC is set to propel the coffee e-commerce sector further, making Saudi grown beans available to coffee lovers through COFE’s mobile app. Both companies are united in the purpose to transmit technology and knowledge to the Kingdom in a number of areas, including coffee production, roasting, marketing, and sales, as well as all other activities, in order to promote the Kingdom as a frontrunner in the sector.

Commenting on the agreement, COFE App Founder & CEO, Ali Al Ebrahim expressed: “It is a proud moment for us at COFE to be working with SCC. We hope that this partnership will help in giving Saudi coffee the visibility and reach that it truly deserves. Through our work in Saudi, we hope to take this integral part of our culture and tradition to the world. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making this possible. It is truly the beginning of something great.” 

The platform has seen wide-spread acceptance from users in the Kingdom and was listed as the Top 10 Most Downloaded Food Delivery and Restaurant Apps (2021) in the kingdom in a survey conducted by Communication & Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia. 

SCC is a Public Investment Fund (PIF) company launched by the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia with a mandate to develop the Saudi coffee industry. SCC plans to invest over SAR 1.2 billion ($319 million) in the national coffee sector over the next ten years to increase annual output from 300 tons today to more than 2,500 tons by 2030.

“It is a pleasure to be partnering with COFE App. Their passion for the cumulative growth of the coffee industry is very evident, and we are happy to say that they share both our vision and values. Coffee is a very integral part of Arabian culture and we wish for the world to witness it through our efforts. We hope that this partnership is the beginning of coffee lovers discovering the nuances of Saudi coffee and how it is ready to compete with some of the best producers in the world,” said Mohammed Zainy, Marketing Director of Saudi Coffee Company.

As KSA transforms into a digital growing economy with a focus on locally grown coffee beans this might just be the next big thing in the evolution of the global coffee market.

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